“...Make no mistake, the audience raves about the sheer scope of musical interplay and different genres... Sanders with his jazz @nged Irish, Arabesque and world music solos, brought the sonorous experience of composi@ons from the Bri@sh song-writer’s new album with almost unbelievable changes in tempo, accompanied masterfully by Seel’s impressive guitar... The audience loved Seel’s folk, pop and blues influenced songs and duos with Sanders” - RheinZeit, Germany

Jon Sanders is recognised as a virtuoso bouzouki player, tenor ukulele player, drop D and DADGAD guitarist and an interna@onally acclaimed composer. His composi@on draws on elements of jazz, gypsy, funk, arabic, la@no and Cel@c styles, somewhat reminiscent of Sylvain Luc, Pierre Bensusan, Antonio Forcione and James Hill yet instantly different.

Alex & Jon met in Ireland and have found an exhilarating and dynamic combination of songs & instrumentals captivating audiences.

Tickets on the door: £4 for members and £8 for non-members