Alex Seel is a contemporary singer-songwriter and guitarist with influences from blues, pop and the British Folk Revival guitarists but a sound all his own.

Music has led Alex from Devon to London to Ireland and back to London again. Through his wanderings, he has picked up a beautifully crafted, warm, rootsy song-writing style with thought-provoking lyrics and a gift for acoustic guitar finger-picking.  He has a growing reputation as a solo performer, having performed around UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Spain.

His most recent release is the album ‘Spell On A Tin Drum’.  This and previous releases have been well received by press (see Reviews) and radio (including BBC6 and various BBC regional/local).

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Recent quotes...


“Exquisite and powerful songs from one of the best composers, guitarists and singers in the UK today. Alex Seel has influences from blues, pop and the British Folk Revival guitarists but his sound is all his own”


FATEA Magazine

"Spell on a Tin Drum is one of those rare things - an album that makes you want to drop the needle on the first track again as soon as the last notes…ring out".

"...couldn't be stronger or more accomplished".


Folk Radio UK

"...confident work and a lesson in meticulous craftsmanship resulting in a concise and lean set of songs that are bursting with creative ideas and performed with the utmost care and ability. His best yet".

"...a spell well cast".


Maverick Magazine

4/5 Stars:  "His gorgeous vocals dominate this album, evoking Paul Siebel in lyrics and hints of Jeff Buckley in sound - he depicts an impulsive nature while also remaining grounded in clarity...Seel manages to grasp the listener within the poetry of his words...spell-binding lyrics".


Older quotes...

RnR Magazine

“Enhancing a growing reputation as one of Britain’s finer songwriters..."


Rolling Stone Magazine

“…a mastery of fingerpicking techniques and a repertoire of unusual chords; a fine poet with a very personal vocal style”

"...listening to Alex in concert is balm to the soul…"


fRoots Magazine

[Thumbs Up] "Proper job...a lovely picking style and a distinctly English turn of phrase".


FATEA Magazine

“The songs are perfectly crafted and full of warmth and intimate moments".


Folk Radio UK

“...a truly talented songwriter”


Maverick Magazine

4/5 Stars: “A gentle yet compelling listen"

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