Music has led Alex Seel from Devon to London to Ireland and back to London again. Through his wanderings, Alex has picked up a beautifully crafted rootsy song-writing style with thought-provoking lyrics and a gift for acoustic guitar finger-picking.  He has a growing reputation as a solo performer (see live dates here).

His most recent release is the album ‘Spell On A Tin Drum’ [Release: 17th May 2019].  This and previous releases have been well received by press (see Reviews) and radio (including BBC6 and various BBC regional/local).

Alex Seel and Greg Hancock were touring around the UK with a show involving some of the very top names in UK contemporary songwriting but have sadly had to cancel many gigs for obvious reasons.  We hope to rebook many of these gigs in the near future.
There is a tour website at with full info about all the artists etc.


CDs and downloads available here.