Songwriters Circle: Greg Hancock, Alex Seel & Tennyson's Twin - CANCELLED

St Katherines Priory, St Katherines Road, Exeter EX4 7JY

Greg and Alex met about 5 years ago in Exeter and immediately recognised in each other a kindred musical spirit. Both are songwriters who produce powerful, unusual songs accompanied by intricate and unique guitar styles. Both write rich, poetic lyrics that hang around in the memory long after being heard. Both are concerned with the place of people and love in the grand scheme of modern life in a way that is universally relatable and warm – never preachy or off-putting. Their songs are very human. They can be heartbreaking... but humour is never far away. There are, however, marked differences in the influences that have led to how they sound now. Greg developed his guitar style from 1970s English guitarists such as Nic Jones and Dick Gaughan, and with a big influence from Joni Mitchell who also radically changed his approach to lyric writing and song structure. Alex came more from a blues, pop and Americana tradition with a greater influence from Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Lyrically, Greg’s songs are often more involved with storytelling and narrative, while Alex weaves poetic images into lines that get right to the heart of the matter. They both acknowledge the early influence of John Martyn and Nick Drake. Since their early days, however, they have each developed styles that can not be defined by genre. There are touches of jazz, flamenco, blues, pop, classical, country and folk styles throughout their work. Greg and Alex did a handful of gigs together in 2019 and decided to build on the positive reaction to those concerts with a tour in 2020. On this tour they will sometimes perform one after the other, and sometimes take the stage together to take turns to introduce and perform a selection of their work. This format allows for greater spontaneity and interaction between the two performers - and between them and the audience.

After their show in London in 2019, these were a couple of reactions: “... each with a guitar but different approach to both writing and playing that complimented each other excellently. I think what impressed me the most was the respect they had for each other and their music. It was a night of real quality with songs that all came from the heart and experience, so there was happy and sad, victory and defeat and lots of memories.” Fatea – Tony Birch

“What an incredibly amazing night of music!” Adam Jenkins

About Greg: “A master guitarist, exquisite songwriter and beautiful arranger of music” Stevie O’Connor - Blues and Roots Radio

Greg’s 2019 album “The State of My Hair” “An intoxicating musical and lyrical cocktail of Al Stewart and Ray Davies, infused with his own unique brilliance as a guitarist and songwriter” Mike Davies –

Greg’s 2017 album “A303” “**** A delightful collection. Great stuff!” R&R Magazine

About Alex: “..great rootsy feel with some lovely harmonic twists.” Tom Robinson BBC Radio 6

“one of Britain’s finer songwriters.... he’s also a gifted guitarist...exquisite fingerpicking beautifully complements a nicely judged vocal performance” R&R Magazine

Alex’s 2019 album “Spell on a Tin Drum” "****His gorgeous vocals dominate this album, evoking Paul Siebel in lyrics and hints of Jeff Buckley in sound - he depicts an impulsive nature while also remaining grounded in clarity...Seel manages to grasp the listener within the poetry of his words...spell- binding lyrics". Maverick Magazine

Joining Alex and Greg on the night is Tennyson's Twin.

Tennyson’s Twin is the performance name of singer-songwriter, Sarah Hayes.

Originally from Somerset, Sarah is a singer-songwriter now based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Her songs cover a range of different genres, including singer-songwriter, folk, ballads,blues, blues rock, Americana and pop. With a vocal style often described as ‘haunting’ and ‘sensual’ her emotive lyrics deal with subjects ranging from love and loss, to historical tales and the landscapes of the West Country.

Sarah began her professional musical career in 1994 as lead singer for Somerset folk band 'Romany', alongside guitarist Paddy Scot & fiddle player Glen Titmus, playing a mix of traditional folk songs and original acoustic works in the pubs and clubs of Somerset. During her time with Romany, she discovered a talent for song-writing.

In 2001, Sarah joined cover band 'Beyond Blame' as lead singer, playing a wide-range of well-known popular songs for outdoor concerts, pub gigs, weddings and private parties.

After an extended break to pursue an academic career as a historian, Sarah returned to singing in November 2013. Organising a concert on behalf of the University of Exeter, ‘Industrial Folk: Songs & Stories of Working Life’, at the Barnfield Theatre, Exeter, Sarah took to the stage with Michael Mathieson (Mad Dog Mcrea), Olivia Dunn (Phil Beer Band, Other Mother) & singer-songwriter Reg Meuross.

Adopting the name of her favourite poet, Sarah embarked on a new solo career as ‘Tennyson’s Twin’. Launching her first EP ‘Time Traveller’ in February 2016. The name reflects her long-standing love of poetry, art, history and landscapes which inspire and influence her song-writing. 2020 sees the release of a new album that promises to be something very special.

Tickets £10 Doors 7.30. Performance 8.00.

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