Songwriters Circle: Greg Hancock, Alex Seel & Madeleine Harwood

Prema Arts Centre, Bethesda Chapel, South Street, , Uley, Near Dursley

Three highly respected and award winning singer-songwriters take the stage together, to take turns presenting and performing a selection of their compositions. This popular format allows for spontaneous interaction between the artists, and between the artists and the audience and leads to a lively and entertaining evening. The audience have a chance to compare and contrast three different approaches to contemporary British songwriting.

Greg Hancock only began performing a few years ago after many years living overseas but has quickly built up a solid reputation as one of the UK’s most original songwriters and skillful guitarists. He makes observations on the human condition that can be serious, but are always imbued with a wry sense of humour and an unexpected turn of phrase. There are echoes of influences such as Nic Jones, John Martyn and Joni Mitchell in his work... but the overall sound is completely his own.

“A master guitarist, exquisite songwriter and beautiful arranger of music... one of the finest songwriters in the UK and should be heard by as many music lovers as possible!”

Blues and Roots

Alex Seel’s songs go right to the heart of the matter. Whether he’s exploring themes of love, life or modern society, he weaves his deceptively gentle lyrics around subtle and sophisticated melodies and song structures. More Americana and blues influenced than Greg, his virtuoso guitar playing ranges from the sweetly melodic to a crisp punchy rhythmic style that is entirely unique.

“His voice is a thing comprised of equal parts comfort and mystery, and it perfectly suits the songs, which are intimate but at the same time just a little bit untamed.”


Greg and Madeleine Harwood met in 2018 when they were both on the bill of the Busk Love Stage at the LOVE festival in Southport. Greg was very impressed by Madeleine’s beautiful, powerful and expressive voice and songwriting... and also by the very unusual fact that Madeleine is mainly an unaccompanied singer-songwriter, performing a cappella. She sometimes explores dark and deep topics too – places where many fear to tread! This is going to be an evening that really contrasts three different approaches to the art of songwriting: three artists following very different paths, but with a shared destination!